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If you would like to REGISTER for our CPR classes please go to our CPR page and register. We'd love to see you in our classroom!


Mar 27-Sat    Healthcar e
Mar 31-Wed   Superbugs
Apr 10-Sat      Patient Rights
Apr 14-Wed    Patient Needs
Apr 24-Sat      Diabetes
Apr 28-Wed    Diagnostic Conditions
May 08-Sat       ADL's
May 12-Wed   Mobility
May 22-Sat     Emergency Care
May 26-Wed   First Aide
June 05-Sat    Dementia
June 09-Wed  Behavioral Care
June 19-Sat    Healthcare
June 23-Wed   Superbugs
Jly 10-Sat      Patient Rights
Jly 14-Wed    Patient Needs
Jly 24-Sat      Diabetes
Jly 28-Wed    Diagnostic Conditions
Aug 07-Sat       ADL's
Aug 11-Wed   Mobility
Aug 21-Sat     First Aide
Aug 25-Wed   Emergency Care
Sept 04-Sat     Behavioral Care
Sept 08-Wed   Dementia
Sept 18-Sat     Superbugs
Sept 22-Wed   Healthcare
Oct 02-Sat       Patient Needs
Oct 06-Wed     Patient Rights
Oct 16-Sat       Diagnostic Conditions
Oct 20-Wed     Diabetes
Oct 30-Sat       Personal Care

No waiting list with zoom classes.


Forgot to get your 24 hrs done each year, and now your renewal is due, and you need a class but no class is available???????


you can request to be placed on our Fresno waiting list  ....or go to Misty Gann's website for additional CEU hours in Hanford: