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Lucky Ruiz, EMT and Maya Ruiz, Security will leave the state for Ohio starting January.  Sorry to see them go.  No more CPR classes to be provided at CNA Classroom.


 As of Sept 30, 2021, Department of Public Health will continue Pandemic regulations for renewal until Dec 31, 2021.


As of Mar 2019, Department of Public Health suggests marking your mailing envelopes in the lower left hand corner with:  "ATT: ATCS".  This creats a faster and safer route to the correct department.

As of Feb 2019 Department of Health has published a new renewal form(283C) and a new Inservice/CEU record form (283A) to clarify the hours needed in each year.  No signatures are required on 283a for CEU providers or nursing schools.

As of 6/2015

The DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH is now saying to count CPR hours as CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS, a NAC provider WHO IS licensed by American Heart Association is the only way to get those CEUs approved when renewing CNA/HHA certificates.


As of 8/2017-for Hanford area

CNAclassroom has partnered up with a CPR provider for the American Heart Association, Misty Gann, to bring you 4 hours of CEU while renewing/getting your CPR card. 


Please go to register for the class.  Or text Misty at



AS of 2/24/18 - for Fresno area

CNAclassroom partnered up with Carmen Rivera and "Lucky" Luciano Ruiz to bring you 4 hours of CEU while renewing/getting your CPR card in our classroom.  Please see our CPR tab for more inforamtion.


The ever pressing desire to give our wonderful students everything they ask us for is always at the forthought of our minds.


And our ability to not take credit/debit cards has always been there .... so will we be launching a new payment method?  only time will tell.






Due to the demand of classes and wanting to make sure that everyone is considered and appreciated for their valuable time in renewing their certificates, we are doing everything in our ability to insure that the limited seating we have are filled with actual students.


A returning student will be charged $1.00 per hour for each no call/no show for the remainder of your current renewal period. The cancelation must be done via text to 210-995-1928 or emailed to for the documentation of cancelation.


EXAMPLE:  Mr. Santa Claus has been a student for many years and his LOCKED IN RATE is $3.00 per hour, he calls in to schedule for 1-7-17 but misses it without notifying us. He re-calls to reschedule for 1-11-17 and makes it, for the duration of his renewal period his rate will be $4.00 per hr. 


Mr. Santa Claus completes the renewal and calls again on 1-7-19 for an appointment for his new renewal; his LOCKED IN RATE of $3.00 per hour is back.


Students that have attended from:  02/2014 - present

$5.00 per hour

  Thank you for your continued attendance

Please do not come to our classroom   

without a confirmed registration.


Our CNA classroom has expanded so much we are over-flowing our space and need to insure that there will be a seat for each of our students.   


This expansion is due to the wonderful students who pass the word around about how awesome we are at providing you with continuing education to renew your CNA/HHA.


 We now need to pre-register your class date to insure that there will be a seat for you.


You can register on our home page or you can call us in order to save your seats.


 You must have written confirmation from us.





The Changes that the Dept. of Health is making on the renewal of CNA & HHA

NOW: as of 06/2015 If a CNA takes the HHA course they will get 26 hours of CEUs at completion of the HHA course.












Great news!  The Department of Health is in transition of making all expirations dates match the birthday of the holder.



EXAMPLE:  you got your CNA card 04/22/74

so your EXP date is 04-22-2015 to 04-22-2017

But your birthday is 12-05-1949

so now your EXP date is 12-05-2017 to 12-05-2019

11/04/2012 - 11/03/2013

at least 12 hours


If you do not have at least 12 hours of CEUs in this first year, CDPH will reject your renewal application.  You need 12-36hrs done by now.


11/04/2013 - 11/03/2014

at least 12 hours


If you do not have at least 12 hours of CEUs in the second year, CDPH will reject your renewal even if you got more than 48 hours in the first year.


*** you need a total of 48 hrs by 11/03/2014 ***


IF YOUR CNA/HHA CERTIFICATE HAS EXPIRED AND YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE REQUIRMENTS: YOU MUST TAKE THE STATEBOARDS AGAIN.   2 years after the expiration date, if you did not take the Boards, you will have to repeat a school program.


CDPH 283 A (03/15) page 1&2: They are now requiring a




  1. "NAME" of provider or facility

  2. The Inservice ID # or the NAC# of the provider



So what does this mean for you?  It means that no matter where you get your CEUs you're going to have to have the provider sign off on the CDPH 283 A (03/15) or get a certificate of completion with their signature on it.


THE STATE IS NOT ACCEPTING THE FOLLOWING for 2017:  The same course repeated in the same year.  There is nothing found in writing but 2 students reported this happening to them.  BEWARE


FORM CDPH 283C (08/12)

Directions page 2 of 2, line A) subline 1): 

-CNA certificates must be renewed every two (2) years.

-You may renew your certificate any time within two (2) years AFTER the expiration date   of your certificate.  But they do not accept any classes done after your expiration date.

-You must have at least 12 hours of classes in each of your renewal years(Birthday to       Birthday).

-If you also have a HHA card, those 12 hours must be in-class hours.

-If you only have a CNA card those 12 hours can be on-line or in-class hours.





HHA renewals have to break up their continuing education to

First year 12 hours

Second year 12 hours

Total hours needed = 24 OF ONLY IN PERSON CLASSES>



The Department of Public Heath, C.N.A./H.H.A./C.H.T. Certification Unit has given you more options on how to complete your work portion of your renewal, here is what they have stated: 


 "Certified nurses assistants who apply for renewal that were enrolled in a RN, LVN or Psych Tech program during their certification period do not have to complete the work requirement.  Please attach proof that you were enrolled in any of those courses along with your renewal application. The transcripts do not have to be official.  *end DPH quote*


the state has up-dated CNA CERTIFICATION renewal: located on


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