OUR MOTTO: Patents come first.

In today’s time everyone is consumed with looking out for themselves. Here at CNA Classroom we're proud to help others take care of someone else. We give top rate continuing education units in a practical application of day-to-day assisting in an easy to understand teaching method; in order to insure the quality of care each of our students can provide to their patents.

Challenge Your Mind at CNA Classroom

At CNA Classroom, you will be taught by our extremely qualified California State Provider who has over 45 years of being an RN, DON, DNS, M.Sd,  and over 5 years of being a Provider of In-Services (NAC).


Here are some of the reasons that set us apart:

  • We are one of the only providers that work around your schedule
  • We have low rates for our top quality In-Service in the state
  • We give applicable education as well as up-to-date information


Which institution is right for you?

We have expanded our classroom to be able to hold more then our orignal 7 students per class; We are proud to say that with the increase in students accepted we still insure you get an almost "one-on-one" experience with our instructor. 


We can tailor make the class to topics of interest you personally experience on your job to give you the edge in this ever changing healthcare industry that your bosses are looking for in your continuing education.


To find out just how better our continuing education is compared to others read the "testimonials" that our past students have said about us!