How many IN SERVICE hours do I need?

* CNAs need a total of 48 hours of CEU every two (2) years in order to renew their CNA certification.
* HHAs need a total of 24 in-class hours of CEU every two (2) years in order to renew their HHA certification.


The state is breaking the "year" up by your expiration date, for example: Ms. Jane Doe's CNA cert expires on 12/22/2019


her 1st year:  12/22/2017 - 12/21/2018 -- Must have at LEAST12 hours  

her 2nd year: 12/22/2018 - 12/22/2019 -- Must have at LEAST12 hours  


So any CEU's she does before 12/22/2017 would NOT count. The CEU must to be done in her 1st and 2nd year to equal a total of 48 hours.


Does there have to be a certain type of "continued education" needed in order to renew either certification?


Yes, the state is cracking down on this, the place that you've taken your CEU needs to be licensed with the CA dept of health, otherwise it doesn't count.


 Classes must be at least 50-60 minutes long to equal 1 hours


* Licensed on-line courses you may submit 1 hr to 24 hrs for CNA. 

HHAs are required to have a total of 12 in class hours each year.  Can not use on-line courses to substitute.


* Licensed facility/agency's -can provide "Inservice Education" like the CEU providers


* college course -  only nursing oriented courses in a Nursing Program count.  Must provide a transcript with your renewal.


*Licensed independent providers - can give upto 48 hours of CEUs


Can I use my previous education for my current renewal?


No.  On the first class date you have scheduled with us, bring in all your course work. Our provider will look over it and insure that it can be used toward your CNA/HHA renewal.



I only need one (1) or two (2) hours of IN SERVICE how can you help me?


 * on your first day of class, please bring:   

all your current CEUs

your certification card

your payment


How do you know how many hours a student really needs?


California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is requiring all CNA & HHA to turn in their proof of continuing education with their renewal form.  Our students can bring in their paperwork on their first day of class with us so our provider can determain how many ACTUAL hours of in- service each student needs.



Do your dates & times change?


No.   However, once a student has registered, we only change due to extreme emergency like illness and notify everyone that would be effected.  



Can I use your CEUs with a facility or agency's course work?


Definitely.  All of our courses are fully accredited and may be eligible for use with any other accredited course work from a different provider.


So if your boss needs a copy of our certificate you earned, just ask us for it at the end of class.


Does it matter where I go to get my CEU: 


No,  It doesn't matter WHERE the class is located, it could be located at someone’s home, a park, an agency, or a facility, it could even be located at an accredited school, or online. It just needs to be licensed by the dept of health. 



I just have a HHA certification, do I need a special date and time to register from the CNAs?


No, The content of each class remains the same regardless of CNA or HHA status, we'd just need your HHA certificate #



If I have both my CNA & HHA certifications do I have to pay and attend twice?


No, if you have both a CNA and HHA certificate we don't charge any more, we just need both your CNA certificate # and your HHA certificate #.  The State will count the one hour in class time taken for both your CNA and HHA.


I am a California CNA/ HHA, but I don't live in Fresno, CA can I still travel to your class?


Yes, we’d love to have you in our classroom, just register before your travel. Make sure you have that confirmation that we are saving you a seat!


How long will it take to get my CEUs with you?


We like to advise our students to follow TITLE 22 when renewing, which states 24 hours in your first year and 24 hours in your 2nd year. HOWEVER, California only requires AT LEAST 12 hours in each year and you decide how to arrange the remaining 24 hours.


How would you charge me for my hours?


We lock you into your rate depending on your actual first day of class:  $20/class for new students.


students that have attended from:   2004 - 05/2011 are locked in at 

  $3.00 per hour

  Thank you for your continued attendance!


Students that have attended from:  06/2011 - 01/2014 are locked in at 

 $4.00 per hour

Thank you for your continued attendance!


Students that have attended from:  02/2014 - present are at $20/class and that will not be increased on them in the future.  We call it the locked in rate.



What type of payment methods do you have? 


We take two (3) types of payments: 

Payment Method # 1


Payment Method # 2
Made out to Myra Nielsen.

WARNING: CEU Certificates will be held until the final PERSONAL CHECK clears.CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PAYMENTS



I need all 24 hours with you but right now I don't have the money, what can I do?


Let us know that on the first day you can not pay. we'll write you an IOU and keep your certificate until we recieve payment in full.


Do you accept financial aid?


No, We don't have any financial aid available for our students.  But we do give plenty of payment options.


Just ask us, and we can help you get renewed.

Are there any discount available?  yes:



*** see examples on "Discounts Available" page *** 

Still have more questions?

Contact us directly.  We'd be happy to assist you personally.